27 March, 2006


Something I really wanted to write about was our trip to Disneyland. We had a wonderful time there and really enjoyed it. In case anyone is wondering, the 6 movies being played at the theater on Main street are Clockwise from the door:
  • Mickey's Polo Team
  • Traffic Troubles
  • The Dognapper
  • The Moose Hunt
  • Steamboat Willy
  • Plane Crazy
I know, you probabley don't care, but that is something new that I commited to my memory while I was there. It was on our last day there and myself and the boys were a little tired, so we stopped into the theater and watched each of the movies. This wasn't the first time we sat there to watch them, but it was the first time that I actually paid attention to the names of the movies. The one thing that bothers me there is that only a couple of the movies have sound playing for them. In patricular, Steamboat Willy and Traffic Trouble have sound. It's possible that one more did, but I couldn't tie the sounds to any particular movie. It would seem to me that they would play all the sounds or none. Of course, playing all of the movies sounds would end up in an overwhelming mess.

Perhaps tomorrow I will post a little more about our trip.


Anonymous Natashia said...

In trying to "make light of" the possibilty of our son having autism I always used to joke to my husband and say "hey at least we won't have to wait in lines at Disneyland- if he does get an official diagnosis we should all take a trip there to celebrate." Well, today it became official. We were on a wait list for 6 months at our local autism spectrum disorder center and the MD's all agreed. So, is it true that if you have an autism diagnosis you get to by pass the lines? Anyone with info please let me know how it works. It is a nightmare to have our son wait for anything and now we know why...

11 March, 2008 16:07  
Anonymous Nif said...

We're looking at Disneyland to celebrate our son's 6th bday... and major progress in "recovery"! I just found this website, evidently you can take a doc's note to Guest Services and get a special pass - you still have to wait on line, but it allows you to wait in a quieter area? http://allears.net/pl/dis_aut2.htm
Good luck - our guy is patient but crowds have always been a challenge (We lived in New Orleans but never went to Jazzfest because the very idea was horrifying.) Happy travels and Yay for the Mouse!

10 March, 2009 14:31  
Anonymous lachelle said...

Hey Natasha, I dont know if you have went since this post but you are in luck... My son just finally got the diagnosis after knowing for a year the possability and we went to Disneyland last month in july for his Birthday and sister since they get in for free on their B-day.
Yes you bypass the long hours of awaiting and in meantime ASD child flipping out you go thru an alternate line which is the exit or watch for the handicap lines. So it was more beneficial and as you walk in to the park you need to go to the left to CITY hALL and all they want to know are your concerns with the person in line. They dont care about dx or med sheets just ramifications for so. Hope this was helpful, good luck Allot of stimulation as well.

20 August, 2009 15:06  

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