03 April, 2006

Over Stimulated

I’m feeling somewhat over stimulated today. This isn’t the first day that I have felt this way, and I am sure this will not be my last. If I was creative, I would probably find a way to blame the time change. Or maybe I could point my finger at my somewhat busy weekend. Unfortunately, I am far too over stimulated to be that creative.

So I sit here at work, unable to succeed at starting or completing a task. I wonder how other people are able to get things done on a day like today. I can’t be the only one who is feeling this way today.

The noise of the heater, blowing into the office fails miserably at its attempts to drown out the noise from the break room. The only distraction from which is the incidental noise of my office mates, squeaking their chairs and typing away at the keyboard. Even when the heater shuts down for a moment, there is still the background hum of computers and electrical equipment. Not to mention the overwhelming sound of people walking on the floor above this office.

Pardon my ramblings… can not assure that anything I have said will make sense… I’m just feeling somewhat over stimulated today.


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