13 February, 2009

The Return of the... blog?

It has been far (dare I say far, far) too long since I last wrote something for the Autism: Deal With It! blog. Rest assured that the lack of updates did not stem from some unfortunate event, like my running out of things to say. No, I still have a great number of things to write about. In fact I have about close to 10 different blog entries saved a drafts in my word processor, just waiting for me to finish them. Unfortunately, the problem I have run into with each and every one of them is... well... I don't know!

Without delving into some really boring self exploration or defaulting to an excuse of "writer's block" I am forced to simply leave it with... "sorry for not writing sooner."

This is really intended to be a quick little entry to announce that I am going to, once again, get back into blogging. So, stay tuned!


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