17 February, 2009

Autism: Deal With It! 2007-2008 Cliff Notes

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

It's the night before the test on A Tale of Two Cities and the opening line of the book is as far as you have gotten? Time for Cliff Notes! Ah yes, the beautiful yellow pamphlets that manage to turn a 400 page novel into 25 pages of story line.

It is in that time saving venue that I bring you the Cliff Notes (note: this is not a product of the Cliff Notes brand) version of what has happened between June of 2007 and now.

My wife was correct in her belief that Connor would eventually outgrow the fear of diseases and stop the spitting. +1 Point for her!

There have been several actions that Connor has started and stopped over the time period, but nothing of special note.

One dramatic change is that Connor and Aiden are now both taking medications to help with their anxiety issues. I will talk more about this item in a future blog post, as there is lots to say on this point.

As for me, in September of 2007 I changed jobs from being the Telecommunications guy to the manager of Security and Emergency Preparedness for my hospital. Look for a future blog post on this and how the changes have impacted me.

Lastly, if you have ever wondered about me (well, even if you have not wondered you are about to find out) and what types of things I obsess over, then let me tell you... my number one perseveration is the natural phenomenon called the tornado. Yes, those whirling winds that reach from the clouds down to the earth are ever present in my thoughts. Did I mention that there was a tornado last week about 60 miles south of where I live. Ok, so it was an EF0, but that is pretty much what we get in lovely California.

Thus ends the Cliff Notes, you are now ready to take the test! Oh, did I mention that the teacher knows everything that is included in the Cliff Notes and none of that is covered by the test? Oops!

13 February, 2009

The Return of the... blog?

It has been far (dare I say far, far) too long since I last wrote something for the Autism: Deal With It! blog. Rest assured that the lack of updates did not stem from some unfortunate event, like my running out of things to say. No, I still have a great number of things to write about. In fact I have about close to 10 different blog entries saved a drafts in my word processor, just waiting for me to finish them. Unfortunately, the problem I have run into with each and every one of them is... well... I don't know!

Without delving into some really boring self exploration or defaulting to an excuse of "writer's block" I am forced to simply leave it with... "sorry for not writing sooner."

This is really intended to be a quick little entry to announce that I am going to, once again, get back into blogging. So, stay tuned!